SL-1 (S-LiDAR-20012SL)

SL-1 is a range of 200m 3D LiDAR sensor that uses a laser time-of-flight method to measure its distance from an object. It is a product that can acquire three-dimensional spatial information and a flexible field of view based on its patented hybrid scanning structure.

It provides high accuracy in poor weather conditions and our patented devices are designed to prevent interference between vehicles.

It is designed to be built into the front and back of cars and is especially intended for autonomous driving applications using the Measurement Error Compensation Algorithm based on external environmental factors such as snow, rain, fog, sunlight, temperature, etc.

This product can be applied to self-driving cars, mapping or industrial automation systems.

Up to 200 m

Detection Range

< ± 2 cm

Distance Accuracy

120 ° (H) x 20 ° (V)

Field of View

0.15 ° (H) x 0.5 ° (V)

Angular Resolution

25 FPS

Measurement Speed

75 x 72 x 72 mm

Dimensions (WDH)