SOS LAB은 광학센서와 액추에이터 최첨단 기술을 바탕으로 LiDAR 기술을 개발하는 전문기업입니다.
세계 최초 하이브리드 스캐닝 방식의 LiDAR시장에 새로운 표준을 만들어 나가고 있습니다.



CES Asia2019

Innovation Awards, 2019

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

(The Gold Prize, 2018)

KIC China

(1st Place at the KIC China & Beijing University Incubator Program)

K-GLOBAL @Silicon Valley

(K-PITCH Award of Excellence, 2018)

7th KES Innovation Awards

(Best New Product, 2018)

6th KES Innovation Awards

(Best New Product, 2017)

2nd KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge

(The Grand Prize, 2017)

Seoul International Invention Fair

(The Gold Prize, 2017)