GL-3 (S-LiDAR-03018S)

GL-3 is a medium-range 2D LiDAR sensor which uses a laser time-of-flight method to provide 2D spatial information in a specific range using a scanning point beam.

This product can measure medium to distant ranges using a scanner with an optical loss attenuation system developed by the company, and has features that allow convenient miniaturization of the product.

This product can be applied to robots, drones, or industrial automation systems, and is currently used in a wide range of industries as the most versatile model in the field.

Up to 50 m

Detection Range

< ± 2 cm

Distance Accuracy

180 ° (H)

Field of View

0.2 ° (H)

Angular Resolution

20 Hz

Measurement Speed

75 x 130 x 110 mm

Dimensions (WDH)